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    Meredith Smalls
    June 07, 2024

    Hate this drive thru! They never get my order correct..and to make matters worse, Every time I place a mobile order they make me pull around to the front and wait, while the 3 people that were behind me get their orders and go.. not to mention the driveway I want to use to exit is now behind me, and I have to drive around the building again, and wasting my gas. Im so over this place! I'd rather waste the gas and drive to Chic-Fil-A.

    Chris L
    September 20, 2023

    Honestly I've been to this location a lot and for the first time this was the worst experience food-wise. As a former McDonald's employee (haven't been employed with McDonald's since 2015) I would never send food like that even during a lunch rush. My double cheeseburger looked like they rush slapped it together and the nuggets were subpar compared to other times. Even if it was a mobile order I expect better. Although I will credit the fries may have been a bit salty at least they were fresh. The picture says it all about the double cheeseburger.

    Oz TheWizard
    March 17, 2024

    If you go to the drive through at night there's a 75% chance they will leave something out of your order. I ordered five 6-piece nugget bundles and they gave me 2 sauces total. I went inside to ask for more. One employee was going to do the right thing and give me 2 of each sauce like I asked for (they only have like 4 different sauces). It's common courtesy and good business to satisfy your customers after you make a mistake. Before the gentleman could hand me my sauces another employee told him not to give it to me and then proceeded to tell me that I am only entitled to 1 sauce per nugget order and it would be 25 cents for each additional sauce after that. Then when he saw I was irritated he had the audacity to raise his voice and ask me if I had a problem. Really McDonald's? Are you guys doing that badly that you need to be this stingy with the sauce? And why did this one kid choose to act like the sauce comes out of his paycheck instead of just apologizing and giving me 2 sweet and sour 2 bbq 2 ranch which is basically what I asked for but still not even alot? 1 sauce is not enough for 6 nuggets. I would never ever go here except my kids like it for some reason. I'll bring my own damn sauce next time I'm forced to go there to buy their trash food for my kids.

    y a
    May 07, 2024

    As a big fan of Mcdonalds, I would always pass by this location several times a week on my way home from work. But due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to stop coming for a while because this place was becoming a zoo , completely reckless and just way out of hand. I recently stopped by not too long ago and realized that they have security now, which is nice for a change! I had the pleasure of meeting the security guard by the name of Fernando, who was very respectful and seemed so friendly with the teens that would come in after school as well as everyone else in the establishment. You can tell from a distance that the kids love him and respect him! I can now actually sit down and enjoy my meal inside instead of taking it to go. Although the down side is that he is only there 3 days out of the week and it would be nice to see him more frequently, this franchise needs him especially considering there aren't any other security guards on his days off. I came in the days he wasn’t working and it was a complete mad house which is obviously no good for the business. This location needs a guard just as friendly and professional like Fernando, hope to see him more often!

    Tara Jackson
    February 22, 2024

    Angry employees , shove food at you. I paid extra in app for additions to a coffee drink. Still got a plain coffee none of the additional purchases were added . I gave up I just order standard coffee now . They park every drive thru order and the person walking out the food often gives the wrong order. Again very unhappy surly customer service. No hello, no thank you , no your welcome. Just angry open mouth sneers while they shove bags at you.


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