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    Onaldie Defay
    January 10, 2024

    i feel bad leaving a 2-star review because the lady who did my nails (sarah) was very nice (so much so that i gave her a $10 tip), buuuut her skills are lacking. i came in for a fill in from a set that i had previously done elsewhere & i don't know if she just didn't feel confident in doing it because i heard her talking to her coworker about it & asked me about 2-3 times what i wanted (a french tip manicure) and even showed her a picture. she started to work on them & everything was fine until it came to the shaping. i was going for an almond shape & she gave me kind of a round/oval shape & then the application of the acrylic was pretty lumpy and weird and misshapen. the actual design isn't good but not horrible. i think because of how bad the shape is, it throws everything else off. & not to be mean, but it looks like very amateur work. i'll insert some pictures. she also did take a long time to do them & felt like she was doing her best to get it right, but unfortunately i don't think acrylics & design are her area of expertise. i'm disappointed in myself for not speaking up sooner, but i was trying to trust the process, so in a way this is my fault too lol. another critique i would give is they give back & arm massages while your hands are drying, but i would've preferred she asked me if i wanted one before she started touching me & i didn't have a big problem with it but not everyone likes to be touched like that, especially without warning, so i think it'd be good if they asked first. overall, i'm kind of disappointed at the end result, especially because these were $70, and i know she was trying her best but i don't think i'll be back. this was also a lesson for me to speak up when i see it going south lol

    Nana Wat Scherr
    August 09, 2023

    I did gel manicure 3 days ago and now some of them already chip. It is really ridiculous that I paid that much and my nail not even last till a week. This is not one time thing that I noticed but twice already. I tried to think positive but I didn’t even use my nails to pick everything. Not recommend this place

    Monique Leonard
    March 30, 2023

    Mindy did her thing again!!! Love going to Blossom in New York Nail! Update: Blossom in New York Nail Salon and Spa never disappoints. I take my daughter with me because she loves getting pampered too. They are great with kids. Thank you Han and Staff

    Carmen Paz
    October 28, 2023

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL. I was a regular customer and got my nails done here 2 weeks ago and they broke a few days after I went a week after to get them fixed and I went in again today and she told me I had to pay FULL PRICE for a NEW SET usually they are good and nails last 3 weeks I don’t know what happened this time the lady wasn’t helpful and I’m disappointed. I will never ever go back to this place again. You lost a client that loved this Place now I just hate it! THEY ALSO GAVE ME SOME TYPE OF FUNGUS ON MY NAIL

    Gizem Ercan
    August 05, 2022

    This place is just like a joke. They charged me $15 to take off my powder gel manicure. Everywhere else charges $6- which I thought thats how much they would charge. I was loyal to them for years but I always got regular manicure which I removed on my own. Stay away from this place unless you would like to be overcharged. I asked them where is the pricing in the listing and the lady at the cashier told me thats what “the other girl” told her to charge. This place was so so to get a regular manicure but this insane pricing they will lose all their customers if they keep charging as they wish. I am not recommending to go this place and if possible stay away from rude people.

    Blossom in New York Nail&Spa

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    390 New York Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, USA

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